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Discover the small-town charm and big-city convenience of Delaware. Enjoy a beautiful coastline, historic towns, and a tax-friendly environment. Delaware offers a strong job market and a relaxed lifestyle. Find your perfect place in Delaware with a fantastic mortgage rate.

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Delaware First-Time Home Buyer Programs

The DSHA recently unveiled Welcome Home, a revamped mortgage program for first-time homebuyers. A first-timer is someone who has never owned a primary residence or who hasn't in the previous three years. To qualify for the first-time home buyer grant in Delaware, you need to have a credit score of at least 620. If your score is less than 620, the DSHA can offer financial coaching to improve your creditworthiness.

Smart Start Home Loan

The Smart Start Home Loan, once known as the DSHA unassisted mortgage, aims to operate as a primary mortgage. This program supplies lower interest rates, occasionally as nominal as 5.5 percent (as of this composition), alongside conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA financing alternatives. Daily pricing establishes the exact prices obtainable, which typically match or fall below the market pace.

Home Again

Borrowers may be eligible for the Home Again program, which is also available to repeat buyers if their income is higher than the Welcome Home limitations. Families in New Castle County with one to two members are eligible to acquire a property for up to $137,280, while families with three or more members can receive up to $171,600. The income restrictions in Kent and Sussex counties are $146,550 for 3-4 member families and $117,240 for 1-2 member families.

Every candidate also has to have a minimum credit score of 620. Housing counseling is also necessary for those who scored 659 or lower.

Delaware down payment assistance

Home Sweet Home Program

For home buyers needing Delaware down payment assistance, they may look at the Home Sweet Home initiative. This program grants a second loan of up to $12,000 with no interest accrued. Depending on the tenure of occupancy of the home, your loan might be forgiven. Each year spent residing in the house as a primary home reduces the loan's remaining balance by 10 percent. This process of annual reductions over ten years ultimately excuses the full amount owed, provided the borrower substantiates primary residency throughout the entire period.

The maximum sales price for residences purchased via the Home Sweet Program is $285,000. Additionally, applicants must possess a credit score of at least 620.

State funds are limited for this specific program, and it will end when these funds run out.

Delaware Diamonds Home Loan

The Delaware Diamonds Home financing was an alternate option for domestic purchasers looking for Delaware down payment assistance. It also provided zero-interest financing, and this agenda allowed for a maximum of $10,000.

Applicants, on the other hand, were required to work in specific occupations to qualify. The program was open to Delaware state employees, public and private school personnel, and healthcare professionals employed by certain healthcare organizations.

Like the Home Sweet Home loan, each year that borrowers lived in the house as their primary residence reduced loan debt by 10%. After ten years, the obligation was canceled.

This program also had restricted stated funding, and once it was exhausted, the program would end.

First State Home Loan Program

The First State Home Loan program offers Delaware first-time home buyers a guaranteed down payment assistance of 3 percent of their first mortgage amount. This loan obligation is deferred until you sell the property, refinance the mortgage, transfer the title, or decide the house is not your principal residence.

Other Delaware Homebuyer Programs

The below mentioned programs are for informational purposes only and may not be offered by Total Mortgage. We strive to provide comprehensive information about various mortgage assistance options available in the market. Eligibility requirements and program availability vary depending on your location, income, and loan type. We recommend you contact a Total Mortgage Loan Officer directly for details on qualification and enrollment. Check your eligibility(app.totalmortgage.com/apply?utm_source=assistance-programs)

Inclusion of a program on this website does not constitute an endorsement by Total Mortgage and does not guarantee your eligibility or approval for the program.

First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit

There are other actions you may take as a Delaware first-time home buyer to lower your tax liability. When buying a house with a Smart Start mortgage or any other kind of mortgage, as long as the lender is a DSHA participating lender, the state gives a federal tax credit that can be utilized. Under the program, first-time homebuyers can receive a credit of up to $2,000 or up to 35 percent of their yearly mortgage interest.

To qualify for Delaware down payment assistance, an individual has to be a former member of the armed forces who is buying a primary residence in a designated disadvantaged location. In addition, the buyer must be a first-time homeowner, that is to say, who has not owned a property within the last three years. By country-specific laws, the purchase price is limited in first-time home buyer grants in Delaware. In Kent and Sussex counties, a single-family house can cost $481,176, while in New Castle County, a four-unit housing development should cost $1,037,011.

FHA Loans

These government-backed loans, provided by various mortgage lenders, including major banks through the Federal Housing Administration, offer numerous benefits, especially to first-time purchasers. Their down payment and baseline credit needs are generally lenient. Approval with a score as low as 580 could be achievable.

VA Loans

VA loans, backed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, are only for veterans, active military personnel, and their surviving partners. These programs offer lower interest rates, no private mortgage insurance, and sometimes require no down payment.

USDA Loans

USDA loans impose no down payment necessity; they are Delaware down payment assistance administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture aiming to help first-time homeowners or applicants who fail to meet conventional mortgage criteria.

Good Neighbor Next Door program

Dubbed the Good Neighbor Next Door Program, discounted standalone homes in redeveloped zones are provided for instructors, law enforcement, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians, given they reside near their workplaces.

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