21 Day Guarantee

close your purchase in 21 days or less

Or we pay your first mortgage payment

We’re not going to pretend that getting a mortgage is fun. Actually, it’s kind of a pain. That’s why we aim to get you applied, approved, and closed in under 21 days. If we fail, your first monthly mortgage payment is on us.

You concentrate on finding your dream home—we’ll take care of the rest. When you choose Total Mortgage, you can expect:

  • To close your home purchase in 21 days or less—guaranteed or we’ll pay your first mortgage payment*
  • Some of the industry's most competitive mortgage rates
  • A wide array of mortgage products that fit your needs
  • Expert professionals who will educate you as you go
  • A streamlined approval and underwriting process that keeps up with you

get back to your life sooner

Why wait? Our mortgage experts are just a click or call away. Read up on the terms and conditions here.

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