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New Mexico first-time homebuyer programs

NJHMFA First-Time Homebuyer Mortgage

To be eligible as a first-time home buyer in NM, you must not have inhabited and owned a primary dwelling within the past three years.

The debtor prerequisites:

  • No less than a 620 credit rating (there are some notable exceptions for alternate credit qualifications if you lack a credit history)
  • Compulsory pre-acquisition homeowner counseling must be finished.
  • A family's annual income cannot exceed MFA restrictions, which vary from $77,520 to $173,995, subject to place and family dimensions.

Property prerequisites:

  • The acquisition cost cannot exceed MFA restrictions, which fluctuate all over the state from $507,849 to $637,644
  • Single-family residence.
  • It cannot be an investment property.

New Mexico Down Payment Assistance

MFA FirstDown Down Payment Assistance

In addition to the FirstHome loan program, the MFA offers down payment assistance through FirstDown. Saving enough for closing costs can be a sizable hurdle for initial homeowners, so FirstDown provides up to 4% of the purchase price to help ambitious buyers leap that barrier.

Standalone, the FirstDown subsidy is insufficient and requires pairing with a FirstHome mortgage. Borrower eligibility is similar to FirstHome's, with credit scoring, earnings caps on the property's price, and obligatory homeowner preparation preceding the exchange of keys and funds.

MFA FirstDown Plus down payment assistance loan

The MFA provides a trio of homeowners assistance funds in New Mexico to assist home buyers with down payments and mortgages. FirstHome and FirstDown offer primary and secondary loans for qualifying applicants. A supplementary option is FirstDown Plus, granting $15,000 for the down payment in the form of a no-interest loan over ten years. Borrowers avoid monthly payments while owning the home, and the entire sum is excused provided the recipient continues living there until the end of the term without refinancing or selling. Yet this third loan must complement the initial two, with the amounts from FirstDown Plus and FirstDown limited to a combined $35,000 ceiling. As with the FirstDown programs, the same eligibility norms govern who can benefit from an extra $15,000 placed toward securing ownership of a new abode.

MFA HomeNow down payment assistance

If you earn a modest wage in your community, the HomeNow offering provides $7,000 to aid with the down payment and closing expenses for qualifying purchasers. This secondary loan, coupled with obtaining the primary through FirstHome, will be excused after ten years should you retain ownership and occupancy.

In addition to restricted income, this NM homeowner assistance fund is accessible to novice homeowners meeting the criteria below:

  • A credit rating of no less than 620
  • Acquisition of an independent single-family residence within the location-dependent price assortment ($193,000 to $366,000)
  • Establishing primary residency within 60 days of conclusion
  • Finalizing pre-acquisition counseling for home seekers

MFA DownPaymentAdvantage

DownPaymentAdvantage offers $25,000 to aid with a down payment for those earning fewer than 80% of the median local income. Repayment of the funds is not compulsory, and assistance can be provided with FirstDown and HomeNow's down payment aid to total up to $35,000 in down payment support.

This program from DownPaymentAdvantage has similar demands related to credit ratings and sessions similar to the MFA programs. It also has thresholds for income and purchase prices identical to those of the HomeNow program. The New Mexico first-time home buyer aid eases the strain of accumulating funds for a down payment on a home for people with moderate incomes.

Homewise Down Payment Assistance Program

Homewise, a community nonprofit organization in New Mexico, has established a down payment assistance initiative targeting first-time homeowners living in the state's third congressional district encompassing Santa Fe. Through this program, aspiring property owners within the specified region can obtain up to $40,000 to contribute towards initial homebuying expenditures without requiring future repayment.

Santa Fe Community Housing Trust Mortgage Reduction Assistance Program

Residents of Santa Fe struggling with homeownership have an option in the city's Community Housing Trust. The Trust assists local veterans, larger families, and those with special needs. It even helps former homemakers and people earning below a moderate income. Qualified buyers can access up to $20,000 in loan funds through their down payment aid program.

Kirtland Federal Credit Union Jump Start Down Payment Assistance Program

Members who qualify for this program are offered grant assistance up to $6,000 as down payment assistance in New Mexico. No repayment is required. The borrower must be a credit union member and a first-time buyer with no home in the last three years. The borrower's annual income cannot exceed $65,500 or $74,750, depending on the type of household. The borrower must also contribute a minimum of $500 from their pocket. They must reside in the house for at least four years and complete a homebuyer education program.

Other New Mexico homebuyer assistance programs

Rio Rancho Home Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance Program

First-time homebuyers settling in Rio Rancho may find financial assistance through the city's Repayment Optional Loan Program. Qualifying buyers can access up to $5,000 to cover closing expenses and initial equity, repayable only if residency ends within half a decade.

Several criteria must be satisfied to participate:

  • Applicants cannot have owned the property for three years prior.
  • Financing requires a conventional 30-year fixed-rate loan secured at origination.
  • Annual earnings cannot surpass 80% of the median for single residents in Sandoval County.
  • The homestead purchased must be a standalone abode within city limits priced at least 95% below the current FHA ceiling.
  • Completing an approved homeowner education class is also necessary.
  • Lastly, at least one applicant needs US citizenship or a co-applicant who holds it.

Los Alamos County Homebuyer Assistance Program (HAP)

This NM homeowner assistance fund opens opportunities for initial and repeated buyers of homes in Los Alamos County. These zero-interest loans can fund a down payment or specific closing expenditures. Loan quantities range between $8,000 and $25,000, and no monthly remittances are mandated while the homeowner resides in the property.

Before applying, ensure you satisfy these prerequisites:

  • Attain a credit rating exceeding 620
  • Uphold the highest proportion of obligation to earnings (DTI) under 45%
  • Have a household income not exceeding 80% of the Area Median Income distinct to Los Alamos County
  • Be capable of contributing no less than $1,500 to the down payment
  • Procure a residence priced under $440,480
  • Complete an instruction program for homebuyers

FHA Loans

FHA loans offer opportunities for those with lower credit scores seeking homeownership. If your credit is 580 or above, as little as 3.5% can secure financing. For those between 500 and 579, putting 10% down is required.

VA Loans

VA loans honor those who serve. Designed for active military, veterans, and surviving partners, these no-money-down loans are accessible to many despite imperfect credit, though 620+ is preferred.

USDA Loans

Living in rural regions need not mean forgoing the dream of property. USDA loans are available to low—and moderate-income individuals who purchase in approved countryside communities. Like VA options, 0% down is possible through USDA if other underwriting allows the loan.

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