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our story

In 1997, loan officer John Walsh started a mortgage company. It came as the result of years in the industry; he had the experience, the know-how, and a briefcase full of big ideas – so it was a natural choice to get started.

Over the next decade, his company grew from a tiny three-person shop to a national lender. And when the housing crisis leveled the mortgage industry in 2007, Total Mortgage was one of the few lenders to stay intact. We owe that to a single choice John had made years earlier...

Other lenders were making a fortune by putting borrowers in homes they would never be able to pay for, signing off on the very deals that led to the recession.

We only offered the loans that we knew our borrowers could afford.

No matter how large we grow, we’ll never forget how that decision saved both us and our borrowers. And in our post-recession success, we’ve become the kind of lender that can really do it all. We’re proud to provide homebuyers with the service and integrity of a hometown bank while also offering all the same benefits as the big guys. That’s our mission – to provide local lending expertise at the national level.


George J. H.

"Susan was always made herself available to fully answer all the questions we had about the mortgage process and terms. Additionally, she made the process smooth and fast, allowing us to close on a house within three weeks without any problems."

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our reputation

It feels a little weird to brag about ourselves. Instead, we’ll let some complete strangers take this one.

In 2016, Hearst Media Group named us one of the Top Workplaces in Connecticut, and over the last 7 years, Inc. Magazine has singled us out as one of the fastest growing US companies 4 times.

Most importantly, we’ve also gotten the thumbs up from our customers. We’re a 5 star lender on Zillow with over 300 reviews, and we have an 5 star review on Google.

You know the secret to our effectiveness? Whether we’re working hard on your loan or kicking back after hours in the company game room, we’re always on the same team.