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Faster Funding for Alternative Income Borrowers

Non-QM or Non-Qualified Mortgages are loans for borrowers who may not meet the requirements of standard loan programs. Non-QM loans typically have a special income qualification and are designed for people with unique income streams.

The Benefits

Flexible Financing Options

Non-QM loans offer diverse financing options tailored to individual needs, including higher loan-to-value ratios, increased debt-to-income ratios, and the absence of mortgage insurance requirements.

Streamlined Process

Borrowers can benefit from a streamlined application and approval process with Non-QM loans, leading to faster funding compared to traditional mortgages.

Competitive Interest Rates

Non-QM loans often feature competitive interest rates, providing borrowers with potentially lower financing costs compared to traditional mortgage options.

Alternative Income Consideration

Ideal for self-employed individuals, Non-QM loans accept alternative income documentation, such as bank statements or stated income, enabling borrowers to leverage their financial strengths beyond conventional metrics.

Expanded Property Financing

Non-QM loans broaden homeownership and investment opportunities by financing diverse property types, including those with litigation issues, mixed-use properties, vacation homes, and investment properties.

Holistic Credit Assessment

Non-QM loans take a holistic approach to credit assessment, considering factors beyond credit scores to provide financing solutions for borrowers with unique credit circumstances.

Risk Mitigation

Non-QM loans prioritize the income-producing potential of the property, mitigating risk for lenders and aligning financing with the property's cash flow.

Tailored Loan Structures

With a range of loan structures available, Non-QM loans cater to various property types, investor profiles, and investment strategies, offering borrowers customized financing solutions.

Empowerment for Borrowers

Non-QM loans empower borrowers by providing flexibility in income documentation, higher loan-to-value ratios, increased debt-to-income ratios, and competitive interest rates, expanding access to homeownership and real estate investment opportunities.

PMI Exemption

Non-QM loans do not require private mortgage insurance (PMI), regardless of the loan-to-value ratio, reducing overall borrowing costs for borrowers.

mortgage FAQs

Everything you need to know about Non-Qualified Mortgage Loans

What is a Non-Qualified Mortgage?

Non-QM or Non-Qualified Mortgage are loans for borrowers who may not meet the requirements of standard loan programs. Non-QM loans typically have a special income qualification. They are designed for people with unique income streams.

What are the underwriting guidelines associated with Non-Qualified Mortgages?

Non-Qualified Mortgages feature less restrictive underwriting standards such as higher debt-to-income ratios, alternative income evidence and more advantageous loan features than traditional mortgages.

What income documentation is required for Non-Qualified Mortgages?

Non-Qualified Mortgage loans utilize alternative income documentation such as bank statements or asset depletion, instead of traditional pay stubs and W-2s, making these loans more suitable options for self-employed individuals.

Can you refinance a Non-Qualified Mortgage?

Non-Qualified Mortgages can be used for rate/term refinance and cash-out loans.

Who Might Benefit from Non-QM Mortgages?

Self-Employed Flexibility: Non-QM mortgages offer flexibility tailored to the needs of self-employed individuals, accommodating variable income streams or challenges in documenting traditional income sources.

Investor Opportunities: Non-QM loans provide valuable financing options for real estate investors aiming to expand their portfolios or finance properties that don't meet conventional financing criteria.

Customized Solutions for Unique Circumstances: Borrowers facing credit challenges, irregular income, or unconventional property types can often find tailored solutions through Non-QM lending, addressing their unique financial situations effectively.

Get ahead of the game with a Non-Qualified Mortgage Loan.

our most popular Non-QM loan products

Bank Statement Loan

Ideal for self-employed individuals or those with income not reflected on traditional tax returns. You can qualify for a mortgage using recent bank statements demonstrating consistent income.

DSCR (Debt-to-Service Coverage Ratio) Loan

Focuses on your property's projected income and expenses instead of your personal income. This option is suitable for investment property purchases where the rental income covers the loan payment.

ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) Loan

Enables individuals without a Social Security number, such as non-resident aliens, to qualify for a mortgage using alternative documentation to prove their financial stability.

Asset Qualifying Loan

This program considers your total assets, including investments and savings, alongside your income to determine loan eligibility. This can be beneficial if your income fluctuates but you have substantial assets.

1099 Only Loans

Designed for self-employed individuals who receive income through 1099 tax forms instead of regular paychecks. Your bank statements and tax returns will be used to assess your income for loan qualification.

P&L Only Loans for Self-Employed

Similar to 1099 loans, this option caters to self-employed individuals but uses their business's profit and loss statements instead of tax returns to verify income.

W-2 Only Loans

Streamlines the application process for salaried employees who receive income through W-2 forms. You can qualify for a mortgage by solely providing your W-2s and relevant bank statements.

Non-Warrantable Condos

Opens doors to financing condominiums that might not meet traditional lender requirements due to factors like limited reserves or incomplete amenities.

Fix and Flip Loans

Provides financing for investors purchasing properties with the intention of renovating and reselling them for profit.

Financing for 5-8 Unit Properties

Caters to real estate investors seeking financing for multi-unit residential properties, allowing them to expand their investment portfolios.

By offering these and more diverse non-QM loan programs, we aim to cater to a broader range of borrowers with unique financial situations, helping them achieve their homeownership or investment goals.

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