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South Carolina Frequently Asked Questions

One of the leading mortgage lenders in South Carolina, Total Mortgage helps you find the best and the lowest mortgage rates in SC. We work diligently to compare current mortgage rates in South Carolina from different lenders, credit unions, and mortgage companies in the state. The rates are updated twice daily to ensure that you have access to the most competitive mortgage rates in the state and choose the right financing solution for your home, whether it is your first home or a refinancing option. We work round the clock to ensure that your monthly payments are the lowest to fulfill your dream of owning a home. Don't hesitate to reach out to us in case of any inquiry, and we will help you secure the most competitive mortgage rates in South Carolina, aligned with your financial goals.

If you have any questions about securing the best mortgage rates in South Carolina, please contact us today. We are here to assist you in finding the mortgage rates that best suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are South Carolina mortgage rates?


South Carolina Mortgage rates are the interest percentages that lenders charge when offering home loans or refinancing options in the state. They affect the cost of borrowing money to purchase a dream home in SC.

How do South Carolina interest rates affect mortgages in the state?


The affordability of homeownership in South Carolina depends on interest rates. Higher mortgage rates directly mean a higher monthly payment, increasing the cost of borrowing and making it expensive for borrowers to buy a home in SC. The converse is also true: Lower mortgage rates mean buying a home in the state is more accessible and affordable.

How can South Carolina borrowers lock in a favorable home interest rate?


To lock in a favorable home interest rate in South Carolina, borrowers need first to negotiate a rate with their lending officer. Once the rate is locked, it will not change for a specified period, thus protecting the homebuyer from market volatility and other unfavorable factors that can cause the rate to hike.

How long does a mortgage rate lock last?


A mortgage lock usually lasts between 30 and 60 days. When the lock period expires, the initially agreed rate may not be available to the borrower. If your lender agrees to an extension, then the lock period can be extended. Factors like your altering credit score, financial situation, debt-to-income ratios, etc, can influence the validity of the rate lock.

How are interest rates determined?


Lenders usually determine interest rates. Various factors influence the interest rate, such as the state's economic health, market demand and supply, and the Federal Reserve's monetary policy. For example, the Federal Reserve's short-term interest rate adjustments can modify mortgage rates. Similarly, the borrower's credit history and income will also influence the mortgage rate.

What is considered a reasonable mortgage interest rate?


You need to understand that not just the mortgage rate but also the annual percentage rates, closing costs, fees, etc., should be taken into account when exploring mortgage options. Evaluating these factors thoroughly helps you identify the right home loan that meets your specific needs.

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