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Terms and Conditions

Please review the terms and conditions below.


Pre-Approval and Closing Guarantee are based on a preliminary review of Borrower's credit information only and is not a commitment to lend. The Closing Guarantee is subject to verification of the information submitted on Borrower's application, in addition to Borrower’s property eligibility.

Rules and Restrictions

  1. The "30 Day Closing Guarantee" timeframe begins upon receipt of the pre-approved Borrower's completed application and executed purchase and sales agreement.
  2. A mortgage payment, for the purposes of this promotion, is defined as principal and interest up to $1,500.
  3. Any additional required documentation/information must be provided by Borrower within 48 hours of each request.
  4. Any alteration to the loan amount or loan terms by, or per request of, Borrower will invalidate the guarantee.
  5. Any alteration to the closing date documented in the original purchase and sales agreement will invalidate the guarantee.
  6. Should Borrower choose their own title agent, title vendor must submit preliminary title work within 10 days of initial application.
  7. Appraisal must be scheduled within 24 hours of initial contact by appraiser.
  8. Property must appraise at or above the sale price.
  9. All pre-closing conditions must be satisfied 5 days prior to the scheduled closing date.
  10. Closing dates extended due to a delay in completion of new construction, and improvements or repairs made to an existing property, will invalidate the guarantee.
  11. Loans for new construction properties require a final certificate of occupancy for consideration.
  12. Fraudulent or purposely misleading information provided by Borrower will invalidate the guarantee.
  13. Coops are not eligible for this program.
  14. Properties in California, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont are not eligible for this program.
  15. Jumbo loans are not eligible for the 30-day guarantee.
  16. FHA 203(K) loans are excluded from the 30-day purchase program.