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Richard Breed

Branch Manager/Vice President, Senior Mortgage Banker | West Hartford Branch

NMLS# 704369

email [email protected] C : (860) 325-0801

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CHFA - First Time Homebuyer Specialist

Highest Customer Service Ranking within Total Mortgage as per Experience.com
Highest ranking 4 years in a row! (Click here to see my reviews)

Highest Production Ranking for CHFA – First time Homebuyer Loans within Total Mortgage

Out of the entire State of Connecticut for CHFA- First time Hombuyer Loan production. (well over 12K Loan Officers in the State)

Number of total units within Total Mortgage

Total production within Total Mortgage


Welcome to my website, and congratulations on taking the first step to buy or refinancing your home. I look forward to putting my expertise and mortgage services to work for you.


If you are looking to apply for a mortgage and/or just looking to get “pre-approved” for a loan, please start by clicking the "Apply Now" button above. This will securely send me some of the required information in order to start the mortgage process and get you one step closer to obtaining your loan.


Please know that I’m here for you and ready to guide you through this mortgage process. Just remember there’s no such thing as a “stupid question” so feel free to ask away! I take pride in making sure your mortgage experience is not only a positive one but impressive enough to make you feel confident to refer your friends and family. There’s a good reason why I’ve had the highest customer service ranking at Total Mortgage for 4 years in a row!


Outside of Connecticut, I am also licensed in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, South Carolina, Florida, and Rhode Island.


Whether you are buying or refinancing, buying your first home, or building your dream home, I can explore with you the many options for financing. Feel free to apply online, or contact me to set up an appointment. Either way, you will get my immediate and personal attention.



client testimonials


Richard was exceptional - easy to reach, quick to respond and cared very much about my happiness and success. Fantastic person to work with, I am so grateful for him.

Erin Stannard Grant


Richard was extremely helpful and had amazing communication with us. He made it a very pleasant experience and he got the job done quick and efficiently.

Ryan F. Wilcox


Everyone went above and beyond!

Patricia Anne Velezis-Justs


They are.the best agents ever. If you are a home buyer who needs someone to make your process excellent, these are your mortgage agents..you can depend on them for advise or steer you in the right direction. They always are available when you need them. They are kind and treat you like one of there own. Richard and Bridget are amazing. I will recommend them to anyone looking for help in buying a home. Do not go anywhere, these are your agents.

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Donna Marie Meigel


Rich and his team went above and beyond from start to finish. The communication skills and knowledge they have is top notch. I was able to close earlier than we originally planned and the whole process was extremely smooth. I would highly recommend Rich to anyone looking for a lender to purchase or refinance their home.

Michael Willin


How quickly my questions were answered and the answers were very helpful

Richard Thomas Meigel Sr.


Clear, concise communications--it was very clear what was needed and what had to be done to go to the next step (and how many steps were left!). I have been lucky enough to buy and sell five houses in my life and this was the easiest mortgage process of all of them.

Ryan M. Garcia


Very smooth process

Dennis M. Galvin


Richard was awesome! He made sure he explained everything to me so I understand clearly each step of the entire process. Richard was also very patient, and was available whenever I had questions or needed any clarifications. I am really happy that I worked with Richard while buying my first home. Great experience.

Alexis Velezis


Very friendly, willing to answer all of my questions, prompt responses to my emails

Sylwia Karolina Danowski


Focus on the move, not the mortgage.

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At Total Mortgage, we work hard to make it easy. Since 1997, we've combined the personal service and accountability of a local lender with the low rates and product selection of one of the big guys. No matter the loan, we’re with our borrowers every step of the way, from application to closing. It’s no wonder we are a five-star rated lender on Zillow.

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