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Now that spring is officially here and things are starting to thaw out, it’s time to evaluate your lawn situation. Here are 5 ways to make sure that your lawn stays the healthiest it can.

Don’t over-fertilize. It can be easy to think that the more fertilizer you use, the healthier your grass will grow. In fact, too much of one of fertilizer’s main ingredients, nitrogen, can actually burn grass. Fertilize just twice a year, in the spring and fall. Plus, make sure you get the right formulation for your grass and soil type.

Rake your lawn. Raking isn’t just for fall. Once the snow has melted and the ground is dry, lightly running a rake over your lawn will dislodge the dead grass and make more room for new growth.

Mow at the right time of day. Surprise—there is a right time of day to mow your law. In the morning, dew weighs grass down, making it difficult to cut. In the warmer months, though, noon is also a bad time to mow. The heat combined with cutting can stress your lawn. Instead, try cutting your grass in the late afternoon and evening.

Let your grass grow. The longer the grass, the deeper the roots, and the deeper the roots, the hardier your grass will be against problems like droughts, pests, and diseases. So keeping your grass slightly higher than usual may actually make for a lusher lawn.

Don’t water every day. Watering too often and for too short a period of time encourages grass to grow shallow roots, meaning that they’ll need to be watered frequently to survive. Instead, water just once or twice a week for about an hour in the morning or evening, to give the water the best chance at penetrating deep into the soil.

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  • Thanks for the tips! I just moved to a new house and the grass in the yard isn’t in very good shape. I’ll apply your tips, especially mowing and the right time of day and letting the grass grow. Hopefully it helps my yard look better!

  • These are all really helpful! I always thought that healthier grass looked a bit longer as well

  • Excellent 5 tips. Even though we are in August, it’s never too late to apply these hints and prepare yourself for the Winter time.

    One thing that I would like to point out is your 5th tip, “Don’t water every day.” You are right about the variety of watering that it may cause the grass to grow shallow roots, but it also depends where you happen to live. Environment and location play a factor of how much water is needed and not needed. Cities may also have regulations in place for water, so it is good to see what they may say about where you live.

  •' Saul Vega says:

    Definitely agree with you about over-fertilizing. A lush, green lawn is beautiful and something that we hope to have for our own lawns, and that is why fertilizing is important. However, too much a good thing can be a bad thing.

    Keep an eye out on what formula you need for your lawn!

  •' Ethel says:

    I was totally unaware that there is a right time of day to mow the lawn. Thanks for mentioning that. Snow is something that I have to deal with, but I have never heard of raking after the snow has melted. These tips will sure help me maintain a nice green lawn.

  • I really appreciate the insight here in this post and confident it’s going to be helpful to me and many others. Thanks for sharing all the useful information.

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