How Soon Can I Refinance after Purchasing a Home | Refinancing Soon After Buying

How Soon Can I Refinance My Mortgage After Purchasing a Home?

Just because you can refinance soon after closing doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you. How long you should wait depends on three factors:

Your refinancing goals

There are plenty of reasons to refinance, and what yours is can affect how you proceed.

Whether or not your mortgage has a pre-payment penalty clause

Double-check that there’s no pre-payment penalty clause in your mortgage. These aren’t common anymore, but they do exist. If you have one, you should consult a lender to make sure refinancing is still a smart move.

The rules of the lender you choose

Each lender has different rules that dictate how quickly you can refinance, not to mention what qualification requirements you need to meet in order to proceed. Our mortgage experts can help you uncover some of these rules.

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