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Why refinance an investment property?

To save money or to improve your cash flow. With interest rates as low as they are now, refinancing an investment property could be a smart business decision.

What loan program is best for refinancing my investment property?

That depends on your situation, but here are a few options:

Keep in mind, though, that some programs, like VA loans, are only available for primary residences.

Okay. What else should I know?

Refinancing an investment property isn’t exactly the same as refinancing a primary property. There are some extra qualification requirements you should know about:

Higher LTV requirements. LTV stands for loan to value ratio. The higher the percentage, the riskier you are to a lender. Most lenders require investment properties to have an LTV of 75%, or even lower in certain situations.

Higher interest rates. Lenders take risk into consideration when they do the math on your interest rate. Often, the rate they offer for a second property will be higher than it might be for a primary residence

Other requirements. Some lenders have other requirements, like six months or more of mortgage payments already in the bank, or documentation that proves rental income.

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