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30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

Low Payments, Fixed Rate

Rates as low as:

RATE: 3.75%

APR: 3.97%

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What is a 30-year fixed rate mortgage?

30-year fixed mortgages lock in your interest rate, giving you a uniform payment for the length of your loan. These are the most popular and well-known mortgages - and for good reason.

Advantages of a 30-year fixed mortgage

  • Rate Security- your rate will never increase or decrease
  • Low monthly payments that will never increase
  • Stable term length with the option to pay off early
  • Current 30 year fixed interest rates are near record lows

Looking to pay your home off sooner?

15-year fixed rate mortgages have many of the same benefits of 30-year fixed rate mortgages, and allow you to pay significantly less interest over the life of your loan

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After 17 years of success, it's safe to say that we know what we are doing. Plus:

  • We have some of the lowest interest rates in the country, and we might be able to cut your mortgage payments considerably.
  • No pre-payment penalties, ever. Go on, pay off all of your debt as fast as you can. We promise not to get grumpy about it.
  • No pushy loan officers, just experienced professionals who will educate you as they help you get the financing that makes sense for you.

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A 30-Year Fixed Rate mortgage is a standard for a reason. It offers you:

  • Low, locked-in interest rate for the entire life of the loan
  • Steady, reliable monthly payments that will never increase
  • No minimum or maximum loan limit

Why choose Total Mortgage?

  • We have some of the lowest interest rates in the country, which can help you save big over the course of your loan
  • We educate our borrowers as they move through the process
  • We’ll close your loans in 30 days or less, or we’ll pay your first mortgage payment*