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everything you need to know about
your interest rate

In these videos you'll learn:

  • How the news affects interest rates
  • Why rates fluctuate daily
  • How your credit score impacts your rate
  • Why a low rate is important
  • How to get the best rate

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Part 1: How Mortgage Rates are Actually Set

Total Mortgage Services

Learn all about the outside factors that influence interest rates and cause their daily changes.

Part 2: Personal Factors That Affect Your Rate

Total Mortgage Services

Your personal interest rate depends on several factors unique to you. Learn more here.

Part 3: How You Can Get a Better Interest Rate

Total Mortgage Services

The lower your interest rate, the more money you save. Learn what you can do to get the lowest rate.

why lock a low interest rate?

Once you've begun the mortgage process, your loan officer will offer you the opportunity to lock in your interest rate. This freezes your quoted mortgage rate for a set period of time, during which you’re expected to get all your documents in order and close.

Miss that window and your rate will be affected by current rate fluctuations and could potentially rise. Right now, rates are still on the low side, historically speaking. But they've been creeping up over the course of the last year, and are expected to continue the trend.