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International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. This year the IWD theme is #BreaktheBias – focused on acknowledging the daily challenges that women still face in the workplace and society. This year, we wanted to let our employees share what IWD means to them. Below are some of the responses we received. 

Michelle Carrasco

I believe International Women’s Day is very important. Not just to honor professional women, but the single mothers, the wives, or the female college students working hard towards their degrees to make their marking on society. 

On this day, I most importantly would like to honor the women that fought for us to have the rights we have today. They were our voice then, now and for generations to come. Without them we wouldn’t be able to hold the positions we have in the workforce, have the privilege to vote and do things as simple as purchasing a home or open a credit card without the signature of a man (husband or father) to validate you as a person.

As a first-generation woman in this country with Dominican roots and being raised by a single mom, I saw the struggles and how hard she had to work to get ahead, but always teaching us that giving up is not an option and that you are in a country where if you work hard, you can achieve whatever you set your mind on. 

As the years have passed women have been given the rights to participate in many more arenas and our future is looking brighter. I hope to be an example for my daughter’s future, like my mom was to me, that if she has the drive, she can accomplish anything she wants in life.

I am honored to be a woman; I am honored to be a minority and I hope that for generations to come women feel empowered within their positions to grow.

Image: (Left) Sophia Bell, (Right) Deborah Kennedy

Brieanna Kelley

It means celebrating women and all their achievements. For me being a mom, manager, producer, home owner, volunteer but all of that as a woman. I think women bring multitasking and care to the workforce while balancing home and work. And regardless of gender we all work to improve our lives inside and out of work. 

Melissa Clifton

International Women’s Day and National Women’s month is a celebration for all the woman who have dared to dream big and dare to chase those dreams. It’s a celebration of the hard work, determination and fire that burns within us. Its for all the mothers, daughters, sisters who have fought for build businesses and raise families and be proud of all we’ve achieved.

Katie Weldon

It means celebrating women’s success – I feel like it’s as simple as that.

Image: Ladies of Leominster featuring Rocco

Carrie Buchanan 

This is a day to acknowledge and honor women around the world for the contributions we make every day!

Denise Panza

International Women’s Day should be everyday but since there’s one day which we celebrate it….I’m just so proud, honored and humbled to know some exceptional women from all walks of life. We may have different careers and paths but we share a common goal….we want to see each other succeed! We get to be cheerleaders for one another and lend a hand when we see someone in a tough place as well as rejoice with those that have made it to the other side. We as women all have a story and I’m thankful for all the women that have played such an important role in my life. My dearest family, friends and colleagues….I’m forever grateful for you! Let’s continue to be the kind of women that want to help other women achieve their goals if it’s in our means to do so or connect them to others that can. Make a chain that doesn’t break and helps one another out! Cheers to all the lovely ladies!

Eva Plantenberg

To me, International women’s day is a day to be aware of all that has been accomplished but also sacrificed to get us to where we are today.

Image: (Left) Kristen Karam, (Right) Gil Kaplan

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