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How to Exchange Info With Lenders Securely

March 5, 2015 by Leave a comment

In the past, getting a mortgage required meeting with a lender and applying for a loan in-person. The lender would gather all information needed to process a loan and then determine whether an applicant was eligible. Today, it’s a much different scenario. You can apply for a mortgage from the comforts of your home with... View Article

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3 Tips to Avoid Mortgage Fraud

August 20, 2014 by Leave a comment

As lenders have tightened restrictions for securing mortgage loans, homebuyers have been forced to expand their options to include non-traditional funding sources. Realizing this, several scams have emerged that target desperate borrowers. Failure to avoid these scams could result in a home being foreclosed, fines being levied, or criminal charges. Before you head out in search of your... View Article

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