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How to Avoid the Emotional Roller Coaster of Buying a Home

December 23, 2014 by Leave a comment

Buying a home can be an emotional roller coaster. Although the experience is different for everyone, you can anticipate several emotional highs and lows. You’ll feel excited, frustrated — and sometimes, disappointment. However, there are ways to avoid the emotional roller coaster. Know what you’re looking for If you’re buying a home with a partner,... View Article

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Three Goals for First-Time Homebuyers

October 6, 2014 by 1 Comment

You may like the idea of owning your own place, but according to a recent news report, many would-be first-time homebuyers are sitting on the sidelines due to fear of rejection. It’s no secret that mortgage guidelines have become stricter in recent years. Despite having adequate income to afford regular monthly payments, many discover that... View Article

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Should you rent or buy? A new map helps answer this question

September 29, 2014 by Leave a comment

Whether it’s a challenging roommate, a long commute, or marriage (just to name a few reasons) at some point many of us decide to stop renting and take the plunge of purchasing a home. The housing market continues recovering from its 2008 crash and home prices are rising although they’re not quite back to normal.... View Article

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