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Lincoln, Neb., located on the Great Plains and surrounded by salt marshes and rolling hills, is home to two of Nebraska’s most important institutions: the University of Nebraska and the State Capitol building. Any city that comprises two roles as a state capital and a college town is guaranteed to have a lot of character, don’t you think? Especially when the college in question is a large public school with a reputation for parties like the University of Nebraska. That said, you’ll find the people of Lincoln, Neb., to be an interesting mix of government workers, college students (including a prodigious “Greek” community), Republicans and artsy types.


What about Lincoln’s economy? The city is largely service based today; top employers include the State of Nebraska, Lincoln Public Schools and the University. At 3.2 percent, the city’s unemployment rate is significantly lower than the national and state average. Forbes also ranked the city the fourth best place in the country for business and careers in 2013. All this economic vitality combined with its being a center of learning and government: what more could you want from a city?


For all its prosperity, Lincoln is not an expensive city. The median sales price of homes in the area is a reasonable $139,000. Based on a local Zillow sample of 30-year fixed-rate mortgage rates ranging from 4.65 percent to 4.75 percent, expect to make monthly payments on an average Lincoln property between $572 and $580. Not bad, huh?


Popular Lincoln neighborhoods include Colonial Hills and Eastridge. Like other neighborhoods in the south east, Colonial Hills has a higher than average median home sales price of $152,000 and comprises mansions as well as smaller homes. Directly east of downtown Lincoln, Eastridge has small, suburban-style homes perfect for first-time buyers and families; the median home sales price there is $185,000. Other affordable, family-oriented neighborhoods are Old Cheney with its brand-new apartment buildings, and Arnold Heights, which was once an air-force base.


Another bonus about living in Lincoln is its proximity to Omaha. If you feel like you need a change of scene, hop over to Lincoln’s larger neighbor and take in some awesome music: it’s only 53 miles away!

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