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Adding bathrooms can seem like a great idea—and sometimes it is. But before you decide, here are some things you should first take into consideration.

How much value does it add to your house?

On average, investing in a new bathroom (or even a remodel of an old one) yields around a 60% return. Not bad, but remember that this number depends on a lot of factors—your neighborhood, the condition of your home, the size, etc. It could easily go up or down.

For instance, if your home’s value is already on the low end, adding a $30,000 bathroom isn’t going to translate into a drastically higher value. On the other end of the spectrum, if your house is already one of the nicest in the neighborhood, you probably don’t need a reason to raise your asking price even higher than other homes in the area.

How hard is adding a bathroom?

There are many ways to squeeze an extra bathroom into your house. First, you’re going to have to decide what sort of bathroom you want (or can fit). A half bath only needs a three-foot by six-foot area, which you may be able to take from a closet. But keep in mind that half baths aren’t as attractive to buyers as full one.

A full bathroom with a tub, meanwhile, needs at least a five-foot by eight-foot space. That may mean cutting into the square footage of another room, but it will pay off better when it comes time to sell. As long as your other bathroom has a tub, installing just a shower can be one way to save on space.

Of course, space isn’t the only issue. Ideally, you should situate your new bathroom in a place where you can easily tie it into existing plumbing and electrical lines. This will reduce your costs significantly. If your home sits on a slab foundation or you plan to add your bathroom to the basement, though, expect some extra hassle and fees.

The bottom line?

Resale value and difficulty shouldn’t be the only factors you take into consideration while making this decision. Provided you’re not looking to sell immediately (and you shouldn’t be, if you’re considering major renovations like adding a bathroom), taking a close look at your needs and the needs of your family may pay off the most.

So if there’s always a line outside your bathroom in the mornings, then you might be ready to take the plunge.

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