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There are some things that even the most reputable lenders don’t really want to advertise. Here are 3 your lender probably doesn’t want you to know.

1. Just because you’re approved for it doesn’t mean you should spend it

Getting pre-approved or pre-qualified jumpstarts the loan process and gives you a maximum loan amount to use as a guide while shopping. Though it’s the industry standard to base that estimate on a your current debt and income, there’s no way for lenders to take into account other costs that add up, like childcare, utilities, food, travel expenses, and so on.

By maxing out your loan without doing your own math first, you run the risk of ending up house poor and financially overextended.

2. There’s no such thing as “no closing costs”

Closing costs are how lenders pay for the labor involved in reviewing and underwriting a loan—and no lender is going to do that work for free. When you see “no closing costs” advertised, keep in mind that a more accurate description might be “no closing costs upfront.”

While you won’t have to pay out of pocket at the closing table, your closing costs will either be rolled into the loan amount or paid for bit by bit via a higher interest rate.

3. Your loan will probably be re-sold as soon as you close

Most loans these days are re-sold to government and private investors on the secondary market, and regardless of what your lender tells you, there’s always a chance your loan could be one of them.

Even though reselling sounds unappealing, in most cases it’s really in the borrower’s best interest. Most local and mid-sized lenders focus their energy on the application, underwriting, and approval process and simply don’t maintain the staff needed to service loans month-to-month, which can lead to less-than-optimal customer service.

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