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Tread Carefully when Buying or Selling a Short Sale Home

November 19, 2015 by Leave a comment

Short sale properties are sold for less than what’s owed on the mortgage loan. It’s a provision for homeowners who can’t afford their mortgage payment, and it’s a way for these borrowers to avoid foreclosure. A short sale can also be advantageous for buyers. These properties are sometimes cheaper, so you can buy more house... View Article

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What is the Fannie Mae HomePath?

August 25, 2015 by Leave a comment

Fannie Mae takes many precautions to decrease the chance of properties with their mortgages foreclosing. However, it isn’t possible to stop all foreclosures. So when it inevitably does happen, the best thing is to sell that home quickly. That’s the goal of the Fannie Mae HomePath program—to resell foreclosed homes in a timely manner so as... View Article

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5 Strategies for When You Can’t Afford Your Mortgage

March 18, 2015 by Leave a comment

There’s probably nothing more frustrating or scary than coming to the realization that you can no longer afford your mortgage payment. Even if you’ve been responsible with your money, it only takes one major financial setback to trigger mortgage payment problems. You or your spouse may lose a job, you may go through a divorce,... View Article

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Lessons a Home Foreclosure Can Teach Us

December 29, 2014 by Leave a comment

Speak with anyone who’s gone through a foreclosure and they’ll tell you it’s one of the most devastating, embarrassing situations to endure. Nobody wants to lose their home, yet a foreclosure doesn’t have to be the end of your ownership dreams. Sure, losing a home damages your credit score, but most people recover in about... View Article

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