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  1. earmarx@gmail.com' earmarx says:

    Something should be done. I’m not sure what the most effective way to handle this would be. But, it would be nice if the Obama Administration followed up on it’s message from September that some type of refinance effort is being looked at. Without some kind of assurance that it is being looked into, everyone is left thinking the idea has been abandoned. There are real people out there who would benefit from some kind of interest rate adjustment.

  2. It looks as though there are some refinancing elements in the proposed jobs bill:


    The debate around the jobs bill is obviously very contentious, so who knows if it will pass, and if it does pass, what will remain of it after it goes through Congress.

  3. madrich@mail.com' Rick says:

    I am unemployed and I have a mortgage @ 5.75%. I have enough savings to keep my mortgage current for a little while I look for a job. It would help me greatly if I could reduce the interest on my existing mortgage.

  4. Lpsruthgeorge@gmail.com' Ben says:

    This plan would help me tremendously. I am
    current on my mortgage at a fixed interest rate 6.875. I was told I am not eligible to refinance at a lower interest rate because the house is no longer worth what it was purchased for. How does that make any sense?

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