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  1. jeaniecriz@gmail.com' AllAmerican says:

    Good! Any assistance to the american people helps this country. Government needs to focus and help our own. I’m tired of hearing why should we help the poor ir the rich. We’re at a point in this country that help on both sides of the spectrum need s boost.

    If we don’t focus on our way country as a whole we will reach out to other countries for assistance. I read recently it was proposed to give foreigners a visa for 3 years and they would be allowed to purchase homes for cash since there is a lot of interest from China, India, etc. I don’t think that’s what this country needs or wants but foreign landlords is what we’ll see in our future if we don’t help our own. them

  2. yodrei@yahoo.com' Sabby says:

    The government should not be involved in insuring mortgages. That’s why are in this mess. If the banks want to reap the profits, they should take the risks as well. If we had required banks to keep even a small percentage of loans in house, the sub-prime mess would have been avoided.

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