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  1. Artamise.Lee@va.gov' Artamise Lee says:

    I’m inquiring about remodeling my grandfathers home. He passed back in January and my mother is passed since 2007. I have two aunts who are still living and we all agreed that it would be ok for me as the granddaughter to continue to stay here since it’s paid for and I’m doing all the work. No will was left, but we wanted to know how to go about financing the project. Thank you….

  2. j-dmeck@comcast.net' Joe Eckhardt says:

    I have a house I inherited free and clear. Everyone I talked to says they will not give me a mortgage until I own (have new title) for two years. I want to take advantage of the rates now, to pay for my child’s education. Where can I get a mortgage.

  3. Joe, I’ve had a loan officer reach out to you via email.

  4. adbeasley16@gmail.com' Amy Dawn Beasley says:

    I have a home that I have been living in since 2007 it was my dads he passed in 2006 . My siblings and I agreed I could stay there rent and mortgage free until I sold the home and the n we would split it 6 ways. Well one of my siblings now has decided he wants his portion of the home and now I need to know what my options are

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