Current Mortgage Rates for Friday, July 31, 2015

Falling lower rates

Generally speaking, mortgage rates have been relatively flat this week.  Some of the external factors that had been pushing bond prices around (the turmoil in the Chinese stock market, the debt problems in Greece) have diminished, and this week’s domestic economic data has come in more or less as anticipated.  As a result, Treasuries and […]

Almost There: Little Credit Score Tweaks to Get the Score You Need for a Mortgage

increase credit

Different mortgage types require different credit scores—and whether you’re just a few points shy of the 580 needed for an FHA loan or the 620 a traditional Fannie Mae mortgage requires, those few points really matter. If 5-10 credit score points are keeping you from getting the home of your dreams, then following these speedy […]

Starter Home, or Dream Home?


If you’re like most first-time homebuyers, you have a long list of must-haves and a tight budget. But while it can be tempting to hold out for a house that has everything you want (even if it comes at a price), there’s a lot to be said for the starter home. Here are a few […]

Current Mortgage Rates for Wednesday, July 29, 2015

mortgage interest rates

All in all, yesterday was a pretty blah day.  Bonds lost ground to start the day, then recouped most of the lost ground in the morning, and closed the day only somewhat lower than Monday’s close.  Mortgage rates were effectively unchanged.  Yesterday’s domestic economic data was softer than expected, but it’s mostly outside influences that […]

Current Mortgage Rates for Tuesday, July 28, 2015

interest rates seesaw

After rallying yesterday, bonds began the day by selling off.  The market has since come back a little bit, but mortgage backed securities are still a little in the red, and mortgage rates are just a little bit worse than they were yesterday.  Monday’s rally had a lot to do with a huge sell-off in […]

8 Home Improvements to Consider Before You Move In

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You finally did it—you purchased a home. But being a resale, it wasn’t custom built for you, so it’s possible you’ll need to undertake several home improvements before you can truly call it your own.   1. Repair/paint walls With a resale, there’s a good chance you’re not going to like the color of the wall […]

Why Are Rents Rising?

rent rising

Rents, like most housing costs, are simply a function of supply and demand. When supply of apartments and rental homes is high and demand is weak, rents fall. Conversely, when supply is tight and demand is strong, rents rise. At the local level, rents and housing values tend to rise in tandem.  A hot housing […]